How familiar does this double chin story sound? You’re out with friends and at some point, take a group picture, all smiling and posing with your wine glasses.

10 Ways to Get Rid of A Double Chin

The next day, you get a notification of a new picture posted on social media. You open it only to gasp in horror!

OMG! Is that a double chin?!

You immediately UNTAG yourself and then search Google for “How to get rid of a Double Chin.”

If this has happened to you… you’re not alone. An unflattering double chin, also referred to as submental fat, is sneaky!

If you’ve spotted a double chin, don’t fret! We’ve compiled a few ways you can reduce that submental fat below.

1. Contouring a Double Chin

While contouring won’t actually get rid of a double chin it can still work miracles.

Contouring is the art of using make up in order to hide a double chin. All you need to do is a get a powder that is one shade darker than your original color. The darker shade will help to make your jawline more prominent.

Contouring can be tricky to perfect, but you can either learn it yourself with the help of beauty YouTubers or you can have a professional make up artist contour away your double chin.

2. Check Your Posture

Have you ever considered that you may be accidentally giving yourself a double chin? It may surprise you, but your posture can play a noticeable role in whether you see a double chin in photos.

Next time you’re getting ready for the day take a minute to asses your posture. Are you slouching? Try to keep your shoulders back and your head tall, almost like you have an invisible string pulling you up from the top of your head. With any luck, a simple change in posture can erase a double chin and give you a sleeker profile.

3. Chin Exercises

If you find that your contouring skills are lacking and you’re still seeing a double chin with proper posture, it may be time to take additional steps.

One of the easiest ways to minimize a double chin is to do a few chin exercises every day. Chin lifts are perfect for tightening and strengthening certain face and neck muscles.

All you need to do is stand with a flat back and lift your chin until you can stare directly into the ceiling. Hold the pose for 10 seconds and pucker your lower lip. Repeat 10 times and exercise your way to a slimmer neck.

4. Neck Exercises

You can also do exercises to tighten your platysma. That’s the scientific name for the muscle that runs from jaw down your neck. Start off by standing or sitting up straight and tightly squeeze the tendons in your neck. Your lower lip should be turned down as if you were trying to do an upside-down smile.

How long should you do each exercise for a slimmer neck? Ten times should do the trick!

5. Chew Gum

Who knew that you could work on a minty fresh breath, all while diminishing your double chin? Studies show that chewing gum can minimize the appearance of a double chin because it’s virtually giving your jaw a hyper focused workout.

The next time you’re in the checkout line at the grocery story instead of grabbing for that super sweet or salty treat, grab a pack of gum. It is an effective habit for fighting off a double chin, or preventing one from sneaking up and destroying your selfies.

6. Exercise

If you have a double chin, chances are you may be holding on to a few extra pounds or have some other problem areas you’d like to see vanish. Simply put, exercising is an effective solution to radically transform your look.

However, if you truly want to see jaw dropping results you’ll need to patient and trust the process. Every woman’s weight lost journey is unique. Some people see their submental fat go away quickly, yet for other’s it’s the last to go. Don’t get discouraged, if you are following a consistent exercise regimen, you will see results over time.

7. Cut Calories

Ever since the 90s flooded the market with dangerous fad diet trends, counting your calories has had a bad reputation. We don’t believe in dieting because diets just don’t work. However, a double chin is normally a good indicator that you may be consuming more calories than you are using.

Partner with a registered dietitian or nutritionist to check your calorie intake and help you build a food regimen that gives you energy plus all the vitamin and nutrients you need without all of the sodium and added sugar.

If you’re not ready to make an appointment with a specialist, you can always follow our 10 Commandments for Clean eating

  • I will always practice portion control
  • I will eat 4 servings of veggies a day
  • I will eat 3 servings of fruit a day
  • I will eat lean protein
  • I will eat healthy fats like olive oil, and avocados
  • I will eat low dairy food and drinks
  • I will avoid processed foods
  • I will avoid fried foods
  • I will avoid added sugar

8. Facial Massage

Massages are not just for relieving stress. Facial massages has been used as an effective answer for men and women who want to reduce an unflattering double chin.

Here is how it works… Facial massages can help reduce fluid trapped in the chin area through the lymphatic system. It is a way to unblock the fluid, so it dissipates, resulting in a longer and leaner neck and chin.

9. Kybella (Mesotherapy) for Double Chin

Not to be confused with “masso- therapy”, mesotherapy is the predecessor of Kybella, a minimally-invasive option that essentially dissolves subment fat of the chin area.

We love Kybella because it’s one of the few options that permanently gets rid of submental fat resulting in a sculpted neck.

Kybella is also the only FDA-approved injectable specially designed for reducing submental fat. It is an in-office treatment and only takes 30 about minutes!

The good news is you can start seeing results as quick as two weeks after your first session.

10. Lipolysis

The goal here is simple. Eliminate excess fat accumulated in the neck and jaw area that creates the double chin effect.

Lipolysis reduces excess fat by breaking down fat cells. Common technologies used include laser and radiofrequency. Typically, this cosmetic procedure is performed below that skin with a local anesthetic. Like Kybella, the fat reduction is permanent.

Just because you spotted a double chin does not mean you have to be stuck with it forever. Schedule an appointment with Origins Aesthetic Clinic today.

Start enjoyuing your dream jaw line so you never have to cringe at another double chin in a selfie again!